For me ethics is not only a set of principles that I carry in my toolkit, but also a set of questions that are constantly changing and being reformed. These questions are dependent on so many things, which may include: the people I am working with, the place I am working in, the publication I am working for.

Things that I stand by:
- Being sensitive to the needs of the people that I photograph. I do this by listening, questioning and re-evaluating my own actions.
- It is my responsibility that the people I photograph feel valued, heard and acknowledged. Asking for consent at each development within a project.
- Building relationships of trust and working closely with those I photograph is important to me. I have the utmost respect for those who so openly share their stories.
- Creating work that prompts conversations about the issues being photographed.
Acknowledging and being aware of the power that photographs/photographers possess.

Questions I raise:
If I am the person who is telling the story, have I done the appropriate amount of research and am I being transparent about the way in which the story is being told? What do those taking part in the project gain from being involved?

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